5 Cool Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

While weddings are generally considered to be “formal” and “elegant” events, the truth is that there’s nothing stopping you from serving beer at your wedding too. What are some of the coolest ways to do this? Black Horse Inn has gathered some really nice ideas – so make sure to read on if you want some inspiration.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 021

  • ·         Be 100% unique. If you want to, you can brew your own beer at home and serve it in personalized bottles. This way, your guests will have a taste of something that is really unique and natural – and they will definitely love it too.
  • ·         Get Stylish kegs. To add some style to a dull keg, you can decorate it with flowers. Also, you could ask your caterer about the option of providing you with keg barrels, which work perfectly especially in a rustic/country wedding décor.
  • ·         Choose a special container. If you don’t want to serve keg beer, you could always invest in a special container (such as barrels, a wooden boat or any other container able to hold ice and large amounts of beer bottles). This will contribute a lot to your décor and it will surely add a special “tone” that will be more than appreciated.
  • ·         Create a special DIY bar. People love DIY bars – so why not make one focused on beer? This is a really fun idea and your guests will definitely love to prepare their own beer mixes at your wedding reception.
  • ·         Organize a craft beer tasting. If you know some of your guests are big fans of this drink, why not organize a craft beer tasting at your wedding? This will be really fun and it will definitely stick to your guests’ memories as one of the best wedding activities ever!


Regardless of the drinks you want to serve at your wedding and regardless of what décor you want to choose for it, don’t forget to visit Black Horse Inn when searching for the perfect venue. Versatile, elegant and full of history, our wedding venue always makes for unforgettable weddings – so you will definitely be enchanted by what we can offer! 


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