Should You Offer Wedding Favors For Kids?

Your wedding is a joyous, beautiful event for everyone who will be there for you – including the little ones. If you plan on having kids invited at your wedding, offering them special wedding favors is a great way of showing them just how important it is for you that they are there. What are some of the best and most beautiful wedding favors for kids? Read here and inspire yourself:

  • Sweet treats. We have yet to meet someone in the world who doesn’t love a delicious, sweet treat – and kids definitely do not make an exception from this rule. Although their parents may not be overly delighted with the “sugar extra” you will be offering their kids, they will surely understand that this is a special occasion. Mini-caramel apples, mini cookies and mini candy bars are excellent ideas for your young guests, but there are many other sweet treats you can use too.
  • Coloring book. Create a custom coloring book for your wedding and pack it beautifully with some crayons and colored pencils. This is not only be something kids will actually enjoy, but it will also keep them busy during the wedding too (so they’ll have tons of fun).
  • Pinwheel pots. Kids love colors and pinwheels are an explosion of color that takes place right under their noses. “Plant” some pretty pinwheels in some lightweight pots and offer them to the kids that come to your wedding!

Regardless of what wedding favors you choose for your guests (be them young or old), Black Horse Inn will make for the perfect venue choice. Surrounded by the gorgeousness of nature and by a beautiful history, our wedding venue is here for your Big Day. Contact us and find out more about what we can offer!


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