Have A Holiday Wedding – A Good Idea, Or Not?

The date you choose for your wedding is a very important decision because it will influence a wide range of wedding-related issues. If you are considering the option of having a holiday wedding, make sure you thoroughly think about this and whether or not it actually is a good choice for you.

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What are the advantages and the disadvantages of having a holiday wedding? What are the main things you should think of when it comes to this? Read on and find out more.

  • Before you settle the date of your wedding on a big holiday (such as New Year’s Eve), make sure you consider both your budget and your guests’ budget too. Truthfully, prices do tend to be higher during very important holidays and this might put a strain on your budget (and on your guests’ too).
  • Furthermore, do take into consideration the fact that it might be more difficult to find a wedding officiant as well. Even more than that, think of the fact that your guests may actually want to spend certain holidays at home, with their families – and this means that some of them may not attend the wedding (or, if they do, they might not be extremely happy about it).
  • On the other hand, if you are hosting your wedding at a location most of your guests would already travel to during the holidays, they will most likely find it a great idea that you are planning your wedding around that date.
  • Last, but not least, it is also important to note that official holidays that fall on Monday or Friday are a very good option from all points of view. Three-day weekends will allow you to host your wedding on Sunday – which is less expensive from all points of view and it will still be surrounded by that special fragrance holidays bring with them too.

Black Horse Inn would be more than delighted to be your wedding venue choice! With many years of experience in doing this and with a genuine passion for amazing love stories, we will make for a wonderful option for your Big Day. Contact us, come visit us and we guarantee you will not regret it!


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