Where Should You Have Your Wedding Photos Taken?

Once your wedding is long gone, what you will be left with are beautiful memories. Wedding photos have the amazing power to keep your memories alive for the decades to come – so you will definitely want your wedding photo album to turn out perfectly.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 016

Aside from hiring an excellent photographer, this also means that you will have to make sure that he/she takes the type of photos you want and that he/she shoots them in the right place as well. Where should you have your wedding photos taken, more exactly? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • The best way to create a beautiful wedding photo album is by making sure that the pictures are shot in a variety of places: indoors, outdoors, your “getting ready” room, the ceremony site (be it a church or a gorgeously manicured garden), and so on.
  • Outdoor photos are great especially for the portrait, couple and group photos – such as those with your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents. Even more than that, don’t be afraid to have your photos shot in more unconventional spots (such as a natural park nearby, a hippodrome, a river and so on). However, if you or your photographer feel that the weather or the sunlight are not perfect for this, indoor photos can look just as beautiful.
  • Don’t forget to ask your photographer to shoot nighttime photos if you plan on having a wedding that will extend into night. These photos will look really romantic and the “darkness” around you will add a lot to them.
  • Even more, if the weather is not as nice as you hoped it would be, you can definitely take advantage of this. Rainy day photos are very popular and very romantic these days – so why not shoot at least a couple few for your album too?

Here at Black Horse Inn, we will provide you with a marvelous “backdrop” for your wedding pictures. Surrounded by the natural beauties of Northern Virginia and located in a perfectly “groomed” spot, our venue makes for unforgettable weddings – and for stunning photos too!


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