5 Things You Need to Do After Your Wedding Is Over

Planning for the Big Day will surely take a lot of your time – but don’t forget to think of the things you have to handle once the Big Day is over too! Here are some of the most important things that should definitely make it on your post-wedding “to do” list:

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  • Get your wedding dress to a cleaning and preservation specialist. You paid a lot of money on this dress and, years from now, it will most likely be one of your most treasured wedding souvenirs. Make sure it is preserved in a way that does not affect it in any way if you want it to look just as gorgeous decades from now! Who knows? Maybe one day, your own daughter will want to wear it on her Big Day!
  • Send the Thank You notes. Your guests have come a long way to be there for you on such an important day in your life. Thus, sending them Thank You notes is not so much related to “etiquette rules”, but to common sense and to being genuinely thankful that you have such amazing friends and family.
  • Decide what to do with your wedding décor. Chances are that you have a lot of “leftovers” from your wedding décor. If you cannot find a way to work them into your own home décor, make sure you find a solution to get rid of them. Selling them (online or at a yard sale), giving them away, donating them or simply tossing them away will all be much better options that simply allowing them to get “dusty” in your guest bedroom.
  • Change your name. If you have decided to take your spouse’s name, start filling out the paperwork. The process itself can take some time, so make sure to do this sooner, rather than later.
  • Review your vendors. They worked hard for your wedding day and, same as your guests, they deserve your appreciation. Remember to leave them with a great review and to thank them for their service!

Black Horse Inn can help you host marvelous wedding day nobody will ever forget! Come visit our beautiful venue and take a look around – there’s no way not to fall in love with what we can offer!


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