Questions to Ask when interviewing Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding all on your own can be a tremendously difficult thing to do – especially when you don’t have much spare time at your disposal and when you are not very experienced in planning large events.

Hiring a wedding planner can be the best solution even when you are running on a tighter budget – precisely because a professional can help you stick to your budget, keep the stress at bay and get the wedding of your dreams.

How to select your planner, though? What are some of the questions you should definitely remember to ask? Read on and find out more:

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 006

  1. Can he/she show you a portfolio of previous weddings he/she has done? Can he/she bring forward any references? Taking a look at your planner’s previous work is extremely useful if you want to make sure his/her ideas are compatible with yours.
  2. What will happen if he/she falls sick and cannot actually attend your wedding? A serious wedding planner will provide you with a backup option and he/she will include it in the contract as well.
  3. What are the main types of services he/she offers? Some planners only offer wedding design services or day-of services, while other planners will offer a larger variety of services (including full wedding planning packages).
  4. Can your planner help you create a vision for the wedding? This is important to ask because, again, it will help you determine if his/her services are compatible with your idea of a perfect wedding day.

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