5 of the hottest wedding flower trends for 2015

Flowers are an important part in any wedding – regardless of whether you plan to have a very elegant one or a rustic/DIY one. 2015 has been here for almost 3 months now – but we have already seen how the latest wedding flower trends started to “bloom” right in front of our eyes. What are the trends to take inspiration from for your 2015 wedding? Read on and find out more.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 018

  1. Full bloom and opulence. If you want a very luxurious wedding, choose flowers that are in full bloom and that come in creamy pastel colors. Make sure you create opulent bouquets for your centerpieces and that no stems are showing!
  2. As hinted above, creamy pastel colors are a huge “hit” in 2015 – and you will definitely love them too. Especially with the spring around the corner, incorporating pastel-colored flowers into your wedding will be an amazing idea
  3. Flower crowns. You don’t have to use flowers just for the bouquets and centerpieces – you can wear them too! Ask your florist to create a beautiful flower crown to match your wedding décor and your dress and you will look absolutely splendid!
  4. Wild flowers. If you don’t want to have a very elegant wedding, you can always go for wild flower bouquets and centerpieces. Blowsy roses, ferns, foxgloves, garden roses, tulips and sweet peas make for amazing arrangements and they will add that wonderful “rustic-chic” appeal everyone’s in love with these days.
  5. Simple elegance. You don’t have to have flower arrangements composed out of many types of flowers and colors. This year, simplicity is as trendy as opulence! Ask your florist to create simple bouquets out of white roses and calla lilies and they definitely will add a gorgeous, elegant appeal to your wedding.

Black Horse Inn is more than excited by the stunning wedding trends of 2015 – and we are more than certain you are too! Come visit us and see how well our venue fits into these trends! You will not regret choosing us!



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