2015 Spring wedding ideas

Spring is just a few weeks away – and together with it, we are all eagerly awaiting for a brand new wedding season too! If you plan on having a spring wedding too, make sure you check out with the following ideas because we have gathered the best the beginning of 2015 has to offer in terms of weddings! Read on and get inspired!


  • Beautiful colors. Spring is all about color, revival and positive energy – so it is definitely a great idea to bring all those beautiful ideas into your wedding too. Mustard yellow, tangerine yellow, Lucite green, strawberry ice and Masala – these are some of the most popular wedding colors for 2015 and they will look absolutely amazing on the blooming “backdrop” provided by spring!
  • Your gown. If you want to stick to tradition, having a white wedding dress is more than fine – but if you want to add at least a bit of “blush” on your wedding gown, you should definitely go for it! This year, designers have “splashed” their wedding dress designs with wonderful colors (including, but not limited to blush pink and even black). Edgy, non-conventional and absolutely fabulous, these gowns are a true fashion statement for every bride out there!
  • Just a touch of “vintage”. You don’t have to plan a wedding that is “entirely” vintage – but adding a “touch” of the vintage style is a great idea. You could have a dress inspired by the vintage fashion or you could simply add small details that are related to this theme. Your wedding will instantly “pop” as full of personality, grace and elegance!

If you want to have a magic spring wedding, don’t forget to check out with Black Horse Inn’s offer. Our beautiful venue, the amazing surroundings and our experience in hosting unforgettable weddings will definitely contribute a lot!


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