10 Awesome Wedding Ideas

Weddings don’t have to be as traditional and formal as you think. In fact, nowadays almost everything is “allowed” – of course, as long as it makes you feel good too. If you want your wedding to be absolutely awesome, take a look at the following ideas and get the inspiration you need!


  1. A box instead of a ring bearer’s pillow. Save money and go DIY for your ring bearer’s pillow. A simple box, some painting/decoration work and some creativity will make your alternative ring bearer’s “pillow” look absolutely stunning regardless of what your wedding theme may be!
  2. A guest box. Instead of the traditional guest book, ask your guests to shoot a video of what they would have written in the guest book. Provide them with a “box” (similar to a photo booth) where they can “hide” away from the other guests to tell you about their kind wishes.
  3. Don’t dress in white. The white wedding dress tradition is not an absolute “must-follow” and if you want to, you can dress in whatever color you want. After all this is YOUR wedding and YOU should feel great about everything – including what you wear.
  4. In fact, you don’t even have to get an actual dress. A suit, a nice skirt and a blouse or even a pair of overalls can be just as perfect as you want them to be for this big day in your life. The golden rule here is the following: if it makes you feel good, go for it.
  5. A fun cake. The greatest thing about cakes (aside from their deliciousness, of course) is that they can be customized to fit who you From fun cake toppers to unique designs, there’s a myriad of options when it comes to wedding cakes – so make sure you settle for that which truly reflects your personality and style.
  6. Ask your guests to use flip cams to “tape” your wedding and then edit it to create a stunning wedding video. Not only will you save a lot of money this way, but you will also provide your guests with something really fun to do during the wedding.
  7. Take fun pictures. Of course, there are certain photos you should definitely take at your wedding (such as the bridal portrait, the kiss or the farewell moment, for example). However, make sure you shoot some fun pictures as well. Some ideas include fun photos of the groom and his groomsmen, trash the dress photos and playful photos of you and your groom as well.
  8. Have a crazy pre-wedding event for your wedding party and you. Go swim, have a barbecue or have fun out in the wild with your friends. It will blow off some of the “steam” caused by the wedding planning stress and it will be a great way to help your wedding party members get to know each other too.
  9. Bring your pets to your wedding. This is an important day in your life and you will want everyone who cares about you to be there to celebrate. Why shouldn’t this include your pets too!
  10. Hire a food truck or an ice cream truck. Of course, weddings are formal events, but who said your guests are not allowed to have a delicious ice cream right from the truck?

Black Horse Inn can host your wedding in the most amazing ways possible. Located in the middle of nature and surrounded by history, beauty and grace, we are a wedding venue that truly cares about its couples’ happiness. Come visit us and take a look around – there’s no way in the world not to love what we have prepared for you!


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