5 Hottest Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are permanently changing – and that’s actually good news for you if you are a bride-to-be precisely because you can find a lot of ways to inspire yourself in creating the perfect wedding day. What are the hottest wedding trends right now and how can you incorporate them into your own wedding? Read on and find out more.

Ireland and GF 011

  1. Vintage-themed weddings. You don’t have to live in the 20s to get a wedding themed around Great Gatsby and you don’t have to be a Victorian bride to look like one. These days, vintage-themed weddings are huge in the wedding industry – and truly, you have every reason to love them too. Regardless of whether you want to go full vintage or if you want to simply “touch” your wedding with vintage accents, there’s a myriad of ideas you can use to create a wedding inspired by the “good, old classics”.
  2. Rustic-themed weddings. There’s something incredibly charming about a rustic-themed wedding that made a lot of brides in 2014 (and at the beginning of 2014) settle for the simple, “barn-like” décor. The good news is that rustic weddings can be elegant and they can also be a tad inspired by vintage décor too – so you can really allow yourself to be creative with them.
  3. Regardless of the theme you choose, make sure you make it big. Luxurious strings of lights and crystals , statement chandeliers, oversized centerpieces, sparklers – they are all the hype these days so you might want to include them in your wedding too.
  4. Pale colors. Forget about bright fuchsia and tangerine orange because the beginning of 2015 is all about colors that fade into white. From really pale pinks to graceful creams, there’s a huge variety of pale/pastel colors to choose from – and they will look wonderful when paired with your winter/spring wedding for sure!
  5. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. Although it can be said that it has been a while since these were really popular, this season’s runaways have been “flooded” by magnificent, feminine and really elegant off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. Take a look into this trend and see if it fits you as well because it will definitely be huge in 2015!

If you want a wedding that is both trendy and classic at the same time, don’t forget to pay Black Horse Inn a visit. The timeless elegance of our venue will definitely win your heart!



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