Strawberries and Chocolate – Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favors come in many shapes and colors – but the truth is that edible favors will always be among the most popular ones. If you want your wedding to be special for everyone and if you want your guests to genuinely enjoy their wedding favors, why not settle for one of the following strawberries and chocolate ideas? Romantic, sweet and full of flavor, these favors will steal everyone’s hearts away!

Desserts for sale at Cooper's Hawk.  I like the endless field of yummy.

  • White and black chocolate-covered strawberries. Offer each of your guests a “pair” of strawberries covered in white and black chocolate and decorated as the “bride” and “groom”. This is a really cute and delicious treat everybody at your wedding will enjoy!
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry shots. Cover your strawberries in chocolate and fill them in with vanilla vodka shots. Serve them to your wedding guests as such or pack them nicely for a wedding favor they will not forget very soon!
  • Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. If you want your wedding favors to be a bit more complex than simple chocolate-covered strawberries, go for cupcakes. The greatest thing about these little desserts is that they can be customized anyway you like – so don’t be afraid to use your creativity when incorporating delicious strawberries and chocolate in your wedding favor cupcakes.
  • Strawberry macaroons with chocolate filling. For an even fancier sweet wedding favor, talk to your pastry chef about the option of creating some delicious strawberry macaroons filled with chocolate. Pack them in nicely decorated bags and your guests will love them so much they will definitely ask for the recipe!

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