How to choose a wedding color you will love forever

Every single wedding-related decision can feel like a true maze you can’t get out of – and even more so when you don’t even know where to start. Choosing a wedding color is probably one of the most difficult wedding decisions you have to make – but it is definitely a necessary one, especially considering the fact that it will influence the entire décor.


How do you do it? How do you choose a wedding color – and make sure you will love it years from now as well? Here are some tips to help you out:

  • What is the atmosphere you want to create at the wedding? For example, pastels tend to be romantic, gentle and peaceful and bright colors tend to be bolder, more daring and livelier as well. Also, cold colors (such as blue or green) create a sense of relaxation, while warm colors (such as yellow or red) are more energetic and passionate.
  • Think of the season and wedding theme because they will inspire you. In general, you will not see many weddings created around crude green when it’s autumn outside – and you will not see red-deep green-white combinations in the middle of August either. The season and the wedding theme can really help you narrow down the list of possibilities.
  • Wedding trends are fine, but make sure you don’t guide yourself exclusively by them. No wedding trendsetter will ever be able to tell you what you want for your own wedding. Choose those trends that truly fit you and only do it once you have a broad idea of what kind of colors you are looking for.
  • Take the venue into consideration. Most of the venues are designed to be quite versatile, but make sure you do take a closer look at your chosen venue and see if your ideal wedding color fits there.

For instance, here at Black Horse Inn, we know just how important it can be for every bride to feel like her wedding is truly personal. For this reason, we have created a venue able to go well with many colors and themes – so that you can truly have the wedding you have always dreamed of!



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