Tools To Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

Most ladies dream about their wedding day ever since they are little – and yet, none of us actually think of the “technicalities” behind how we are even going to make this happen. Truth be told, there must be a thousand and one details a bride has to take care of – and if you add the fact that most of us work on a wedding budget too, you’ve got a cocktail that could eventually lead you to a nervous breakdown.


Dream weddings don’t just happen – they are created and planned step  by step. While this may be quite time (and energy) consuming, the good news is that there are lots of “tools” you can use when planning your dream wedding – and they will prove more than useful too. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Evernote (or any other note-taking app) – this app can be downloaded for free both on Android phones and on iOS phones as well. It will allow you to organize your notes, to take pictures and integrate them into the notes, to set reminders and to organize your wedding-related ideas in a way that actually makes sense.
  • Level Money (or other budgeting apps) – again, this is an app you can download at no cost both for Android and for iOS smartphones. It will be a really helpful tool when it comes to saving money for the Big Day because it will show you how much you have spent, how much money you have left and how much you can afford to spend in a day, in a week or even in a month.
  • A wedding website – a lot of brides and grooms-to-be choose to create a wedding website these days and this can be quite useful especially when it comes to RSVPs and to keeping your guests updated with how the planning is going. A wedding website will not cost much and it can even be created for free – but it will provide you with a lot of useful features so it will definitely be worth your time.

Black Horse Inn can provide you with the most beautiful venue you have ever seen. Surrounded by the splendid nature of Virginia, our venue can actually make for a dream-wedding location so do not hesitate to pay us a visit.

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