What’s Popular In The World Of Wedding Flowers

The romanticism and grace of flowers will always make for perfect wedding companions. This may be one of the reasons most brides (and grooms) want their wedding to be decorated with stunning flower arrangements.


If you plan on having flowers at your own wedding too (even if it’s just your bouquet), you will love reading on. We have gathered some of the most popular wedding flowers out there and put them in the following list – so that you can inspire yourself for your wedding too.

  • Naturally, roses are the number 1 choice of a lot of brides. From red to orange and from white to…blue, roses are delicate, romantic and absolutely stunning. They make for amazing flower centerpieces for the tables, they look wonderful in bridal bouquets and they will always be the kind of flower that is associated with romance.
  • While a lot of people associate these flowers with The Netherlands, the truth is that they originally symbolized the “consuming love” and the “happy years”. This is most likely why tulips are still considered amazing choices for weddings too.
  • You may be surprised to find out about this, but peonies were originally grown in Asia. It was later on that the French brought them in Europe and continued to develop them. With strong perfume and gorgeous colors, peonies make for superb romantic, daring and feminine flower arrangements and bouquets.
  • Somewhere in between roses and peonies (and very frequently much less expensive than those), ranunculus is one of the most popular “bridal choices”. The romantic appearance, as well as the large number of colors in which it comes are some of this flower’s best features so don’t be afraid to ask your florist about this option.

Black Horse Inn is the kind of wedding venue that loves flowers. Come, bring your flower arrangements and décor and our venue will “accommodate” them to perfection. Versatile, elegant and beautiful, our inn makes for unforgettable moments!


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