Rustic Mountain Winter Wedding Ideas

The cold temperatures of winter don’t have the ability to scare off love! Winter weddings are these days more popular than ever – and not without reason. In fact, there are thousands of reasons to love the idea of having a winter wedding and one of the most important ones is related precisely to the idea of “magic” surrounding this season.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 007

A rustic mountain winter wedding is a great theme to follow for your Big Day. If you have decided on it, make sure to read on and find out about some of the best ideas that will help you materialize this kind of wedding theme.

  • There’s nothing to say “rustic”, “mountain” and “winter” more than these little pine “fruits”. The best thing about them is that you can use them for a variety of purposes – from card placement holders to decorating the wedding cake. Be creative and they’ll compliment your wedding theme perfectly!
  • Mini-Christmas trees. Instead of the traditional flower centerpieces, decorate your tables with mini-Christmas trees in pots. You don’t have to decorate them too much – even some lights will do the “trick” and add that very special Christmas feeling to each table.
  • This fabric is very popular with rustic weddings of all kinds and it will fit perfectly into your winter theme as well. Use it for the placement cards, for the centerpieces and even for your bridal bouquet. When combined with very delicate and feminine things (such as white roses for example), burlap can become absolutely great and it can combine the “rustic” and the “chic” perfectly.

Black Horse Inn makes for perfect rustic weddings in each season – and winter most definitely does not make any kind of exception. Come book us for your Big Day and th splendid natural landscape embracing our historical inn will become the backdrop of your wedding photos!


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