Teal Peacock Feather Boutonniere/Corsage for a Masquerade Wedding

A masquerade wedding can be a great idea especially for those of you who want your Big Day to be truly special. The mysterious and romantic feeling surrounding this kind of weddings is absolutely amazing and there is a very high chance your guests will be “bewitched” by your idea as well.

Black Horse Inn Best Pictures 017

There are many ways to bring typical masquerade motifs into your wedding. From the venue you choose to the lightning and from the cake to the wedding favors, everything can be related to this theme.

If you want to bring a bit of that “magic” feeling into your outfits as well, think of teal peacock feather boutonniere and corsage (for you and your spouse-to-be). Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to this:

  • Preferably, choose natural peacock feathers because they look beautiful and luxurious. However, if you can’t find any (or if it simply goes against what you believe in), you can always go for synthetic feather. Make sure they do look natural and that they are of the highest quality – after all, you don’t want them to “shake off”.
  • There are many boutonniere and corsage designs that work very well with teal peacock feathers. From small and delicate designs to really luxurious, opulent models, there’s something for every style.
  • The peacock feathers will add something special and unique to your looks so don’t hesitate to use them. Although you can bring them into almost any kind of wedding theme, they work specifically well with masquerade weddings because of their mysterious and opulent appearance.
  • You can always combine peacock feathers with flowers or with other non-floral elements, so don’t be afraid to be creative with this.

If you are searching for a beautiful venue for your masquerade wedding, check out with Black Horse Inn. Our beautiful location can accommodate a wide range of themes and it can truly host unforgettable weddings.


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