Christmas Inspired Wedding Table Centerpieces

Everybody is excited about Christmas – but when it blends with one of the most beautiful events in one’s life, it’s impossible to stay “immune”. Here at Black Horse Inn, we love weddings regardless of when they take place, be it early spring or the Christmas Eve. However, since this big holiday is getting nearer and since we know that many of you are planning your own Christmas wedding, we have picked some of the best wedding table centerpieces ideas for your Big Day. Read on and find out more.



  • Mini-Christmas trees. There’s nothing to say “winter” more than a Christmas tree. Place a small one on each table as centerpiece and decorate it in your wedding colors. With a bit of creativity, you can pull off some really beautiful arrangements.
  • Christmas tree globes. If you want something even more creative, get Christmas tree globes and arrange them as pyramids in the center of the tables. Combine glittery, shiny and matte globes for a well-balanced effect.
  • Flowers are not excluded, even if the weather outside is cold. In fact, there are many ways in which even the most traditional flowers can become stunning wedding table centerpieces. For instance, white roses bouquets can be sprayed with silver for a “winter wonderland” look.
  • Evergreens, acorns and flowers. For a unique and great-looking wedding centerpiece, ask your florist if he/she can combine the above-mentioned elements. They are very much connected to Christmas and they can look really elegant when arranged the right way.

Black Horse Inn is the type of versatile venue that will “accommodate” a wide range of styles and ideas. Come visit us if you dream of a wedding nobody will forget very soon. Come visit us if you want this day to be spectacular, elegant and beautiful at the same time!

Photo source: Flickr/ProFlowers


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