5 Sentimental Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

Weddings are sentimental and beautiful by definition – but if you want to make yours especially emotional, make sure to read on. Black Horse Inn has gathered some of the best sentimental wedding ideas – and we are more than positive that you’ll absolutely love each and every one of them. Read on and find out more.


  • Do you have a favorite photo from your parents’ wedding? Recreate it on your Big Day as well – and we guarantee both you and your parents will love the result. This idea is absolutely amazing for those of you who cherish your parents’ love story.
  • Ask your photographer to take a sentimental photo of you, your mother and your grandmother. 3 generations of women in your family gathered in the same picture! This is symbolic and beautiful and it will definitely be one of your favorite wedding photos!
  • Engraving wedding rings on the inside is fairly common out there. Most couples choose to engrave their wedding date or their names. But if you want something sentimental, that speaks about your love story, why not engrave the title of your first dance song? You definitely chose that particular song for a reason – incorporate it into every single day of your day as a married couple.
  • Write love letters and exchange them before the wedding. Open and read them in front of your photographer, so that he/she can capture your reactions.
  • Write each other letters or small messages to open and read at particular moments in your life as a married couple: when the first child is born, at your 5-year anniversary and so on.

Black Horse Inn provides brides and grooms with the perfect setting for magic and sentimental weddings. Come take a look at our romantic venue and book us for your Big Day!



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