Blue Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings have their own special appeal – and this is precisely why so many couples these days will pick it as their wedding season. If you are planning to have a winter wedding too, learn that blue can be an amazing choice for your wedding theme. Cold and yet beautiful, this color can really add a lot to any kind of winter wedding – from the rustic ones to the extremely elegant ones.

bridal party

And if you were searching for some great blue winter wedding ideas, make sure to check out with the following tips:

  • If you are going for the “winter wonderland” theme, look for shades of blue that are very pale and very cold. Combined with white (and maybe with silver), they can really create that “frozen and beautiful” effect you want.
  • Blue can come in other shades as well – and it will look great on a winter wedding nevertheless. For instance, raspberry blue adds a bit of liveliness to the décor and it definitely makes for amazing bridesmaids’ dresses, so you may want to incorporate it into your wedding too.B&G with Horse
  • Since the table centerpieces are extremely important when it comes to the way a wedding looks, don’t forget to add some blue in them as well. You can opt for white flowers (roses, for example) and have the non-floral elements in various shades of blue. You can also choose to have your florist spray-paint your flowers in blue if you want them to be the same color as your wedding theme.
  • Blue lightning can create a magical atmosphere at winter weddings so if you have the possibility, definitely go for this. Imagine yourself having your first dance in these lights!Bride on horseback

If you are still searching for a venue for your winter wedding, learn that Black Horse Inn is a marvelous choice for any kind of theme: from flowery spring weddings to winter wonderland weddings. Make sure to pay us a visit before you decide on a venue and you will not regret it!


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