5 Ways to Manage Unexpected Guests at Corporate Events

No matter how much you plan ahead, corporate events are always prone to unexpected arrivals. Sometimes, people get there later because their flights got delayed. Other times, they arrive at the event without having sent the RSVPs beforehand (and thus catch you unprepared).

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Regardless of the reason behind these arrivals may be, you should definitely learn how to deal with them without offending anyone. After all, accidents happen and if those people are there, it means that they are interested in what you have to offer. How do you manage unexpected guests tactfully? Here are 5 of the best ideas.

  • Do expect these things to happen. Prepare yourself for at least a few extra-guests. This means that you should make sure the venue you choose for your corporate event is a bit larger than what you actually need and that you should also make sure there’s enough food and drinks for everyone too.
  • Some of the guests may arrive too early. To make sure they don’t just wait for you to get ready with all the arrangements, prepare a hospitality suite for them.
  • To ensure the late-comers find their way to your event as well, get their contacts and give them a phone number to talk to someone as soon as they land on the airport.
  • Also, remember to keep some of the tables “reserved” for them. Otherwise, other guests may take those tables and the late-comers will find it awkward to find an empty seat.
  • Pay attention to how you greet late-comers too. You don’t want them to feel odd by attracting too much attention on them, so keep the greeting short and discreet.

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