How to avoid becoming a Bridezilla

There are moments in life when you just want everything to be perfect. Your wedding day is one of them. Your dress, your makeup, your flowers, the food on your tables – you want every single thing related to your wedding to be special, beautiful and flawless. And you’re not even to be blamed for it – after all, this is a very important day and you do deserve the very best.

Bride and Houston

In between choosing a dress and choosing the cake frosting and in between choosing the shoes for your flower girl and choosing the right photographer, it is very easy to break down. Don’t worry, many brides go through the “bridezilla” phase – but they all eventually get the wedding they have been dreaming of since they were little girls.

Becoming a Bridezilla is more than avoidable if you keep in mind certain basic things. Believe it or not, the following pieces of advice work – and over the course of the years, we have seen many brides apply them and leave the tension behind.

  • Be organized and properly informed. It is better to start planning much ahead of time than to do it too late, so try to start out by putting everything you need on paper. Take it step-by-step and stay focused.
  • If you have any kind of disputes with your in-laws, future spouse or with anyone else with regards to what your wedding should be like, try to stay calm. We know it can be difficult, but if you explain them that this is your wedding (and not theirs), they will probably understand it sooner or later.
  • Don’t worry about every little thing that may not go as well as you wanted to. Chances are your guests will attend this great event to be there for you and they will not try to search for every single flaw your wedding may have. Most likely, they will not care about that one flower without a petal and they will not care that the stationery guys got the “R” wrong in your invitations.
  • When you feel that things are running out of control, get one or two days off from your wedding planning and watch a good bunch of movies, read a book, go to a spa, get a massage or do something that makes you feel good.

Don’t stress out when it comes to your wedding location either. Black Horse Inn has a fantastic option for you and we will be more than happy to ensure that your wedding turns out just as magical as you imagined it to be!


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