Proper way to Greet Your Guests

These days, respecting the wedding etiquette is less practiced than it used to be. And even so, there are many couples who choose to remain traditional when it comes to their big day. If you are among them, you will definitely want to greet your guests the proper way – the way in which wedding etiquette dictates it:


  • Traditionally, there should be a short receiving line that greets every guest. Since the mother of the bride is the hostess (at least traditionally) she will have to go first in the receiving line. The following persons in line are the mother of the groom, then the bride and the groom themselves.
  • Sometimes, the father of the bride may choose to join the line too – but bear in mind that this means that the father of the groom should do it as well! However, if they don’t want to do this, they can simply mingle with the crowd and entertain the guests.
  • Some couples choose to have their maid of honor, best man and bridesmaids join the line too. In this case, they would follow after the groom (maid of honor first, bridal party afterwards and then the best man).
  • Keep in mind the fact that there may be situations where your common sense has to be used and where etiquette may have to be left aside for a bit. For example, if your parents (or the groom’s parents) are divorced, the line may have to include only the mothers so that there is no tension in the air there.
  • The mother of the bride will have to greet the guests first and then she will be followed by the bride and groom who will thank them for coming.
  • Receiving your guests the proper way can take quite some time (especially if you have a lot of guests and a lot of people in the line), so try to make sure that you entertain the people who are still waiting in line. You can have your waiters serve them drinks or snacks, for example.

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