How to Choose Wedding Reception Entrance Music

The weddings over and everyone is filing into the reception room here at the Black Horse Inn.  As your guests sit down ready to greet the bride and groom, they surely thinking of letting their hair down and dancing a little.  So why not get the party started when you first enter the room with some fun music?

photo credit: flickr/Sanabria

photo credit: flickr/Sanabria

You really can have a lot of fun choosing that entrance song.  It doesn’t have to be immediately romantic. It sounds a little funny, but you can focus on making sure your guests have their mood (and their tiredness) lifted with a fun and happy entrance song that really signals that you are ready to have a good time.

  • It’s always good to consider the song. Look for happy, upbeat numbers that you’ve found yourself humming along to on more than a few occasions.  Anything that is catchy and immediately recognizable is always a good bet.
  • A good rocky power ballad should do the trick too. Make sure it has some personal connection to the two of you.


Whichever song you choose, ensure you do it together. This is your big entrance, and the music has to reflect the journey both of you have been on.  If you need help choosing the music for your entrance, give us a call.  We’ve been hosting weddings for years here in Warrenton as a top notch wedding venue.  We know what gets the party started and can help make your wedding day everything you hoped for.


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