The Ideal Summer Wedding in the Outdoors

People believe that the only good weddings are the ones in fall. But what they don’t know is that an outdoor summer wedding can be as good, even better in some cases! Here are some things that make outdoor weddings wonderful and something that will be talked about for long.


Pictures Location

Talk with your fiancé about what your vision for a perfect outdoor wedding location is. You’ll be amazed by what he/she has in mind and how you can work together to make it a reality. Show the colors of the summer with bright hues and fun fabrics. If you are not sure about the location, you can look online for wedding rentals, or hire a wedding planner that can work with you to find the location of your dreams.

Ambient Theme

Drapes and shades are a must have for any outdoor wedding, especially during the summer. If you having a beach wedding, consider covering the altar with white cloths and provide sunglasses for all your guests so they can enjoy the wedding reception in style. But most importantly, the theme of your outdoor summer wedding should represent the summer vibe while keeping your guests cool and refreshed.

Cooling System

It’s a no brainer that your guests will be drained during the wedding week, especially if you are having a destination wedding to a hotter part of the world. For this reason, you must consider putting a cooling system in place for the altar. You can always get stand fans and install them on either side to make promote air circulation. Also, provide your guests with cold bottles of water every now and then. They’ll thank you for it later!

Refreshing Drinks

Summer is the season where fancy cocktails and refreshing drinks are trendy. Remember to talk with the barista to make refreshing cocktails that will keep everyone at the wedding hydrated and chilled. Martinis, fruit punch, iced tea, and iced cocktails are some of the many drinks that you can plan for your wedding!




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