Ceremony Seating Etiquette

4992033293_000a6af116_zWhether you are getting married in a church, or some other venue, the traditional method for the bride to get to the alter is by way of an isle down the middle of the venue. This means there will be seating on other side of the isle. This brings the question of where your guests should sit.

Seating the Guests

Traditionally, the ushers escort your guests to the correct seating. One usher for every 50 guests is the rule of thumb. However, if you’re having a small or intimate ceremony, you may choose to not use ushers. So that your ushers seat the guests in the correct areas, it is vital that you make a list and give them printouts. Another tradition that most people still like to see observed is for female guests to be escorted to their seats. The usher offers his right arm to the female, or the oldest female, and her male companion steps back and follows them to the seats.

Taking Sides

Traditionally, in Christian ceremonies, the guests of the bride are seated on the left side of the venue as seen from the back of the venue, and the groom’s guests are seated on the right side. This is reversed for Jewish services. As a result, ushers typically ask, “Bride or groom?” However, in many cases the person may be a guest of the couple, not one or the other, or the numbers are unbalanced per ”side”. As a result, in modern weddings people have often chosen to do away with the ”sides”, but instead have ushers simple seat the guests in the order of arrival, moving from left to right across the venue.

However make your guests feel welcome, you’ll want to do it at a magnificent venue. Give us a call today!


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