All-White Wedding is a Fabulous Trend

As you plan your wedding color scheme, have you considered going with an all white palette? This fabulous trend lends itself to a very romantic, beautiful style that is perfect for many couples.

This trend is big for bridesmaids. Kate Middleton’s bridesmaid, her sister Pippa, famously wore white for the royal wedding, and this past week Kim Kardashian’s sisters wore white as her bridesmaids. Both of these famous brides are great examples of how the bride will always stand out from her maids, even if everyone is in white.


An all-white decor can give a crisp, clean look. This lends itself to a minimalist style, but it doesn’t have to be a sterile feel. The use of white flowers can soften an all-white color palette. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also used this for their wedding, combining white roses and peonies for the backdrop for their ceremony.

A white wedding palette will also make tiny splashes of color really pop. Whether this is limited to the groom’s black tuxedo, a bold pair of bridal shoes, or a bright color added to the cake’s decoration, they will stand out and have much more impact than when mixed with a lot of other colors.

Creating any wedding requires finding the perfect wedding venue. To find out what we can offer for your Northern Virginia wedding, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Maegan Tintari


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