How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Seating

You might not need to assign every guest a specific seat, but you do need to give them some guidance when it comes to your ceremony seating. Here are a few ways to ensure that everyone sits where they need to without any stress.


Use ushers: A simple way to help your guests is to have a few ushers who can direct guests to the right seat. If you’re having a bride’s side and groom’s side, they can point people in the right direction. If not, they can ensure that both sides are evenly filled.

Set aside seats for the bridal party: It’s easy to overlook the bridal party when it comes to seating, so be prepared. Have the first row or two of seats marked as reserved. This gives your parents and other members of the wedding party a guaranteed place to sit.

Create special areas: Nobody wants to be stuck behind somebody holding up a camera, so have a camera seating area at the back. If you have elderly or disabled guests, mark the seats at the ends of each row as being for them. Have your ushers direct guests to the area that is right for them.

Whether you have set sides or want everyone to mingle, your guests will want help finding the seat that is right for them. To find out more about planning great ceremony seating, or to see the beautiful ceremony locations around our Northern Virginia wedding venue, give us a call today.


Photo: Flickr/Bill McChesney



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