Choosing Wedding Entertainment

One of the decisions that every couple must make at some point in their wedding planning is how they will keep guests entertained. The debate between live band and DJ is one that will likely never end, and one that really has no right or wrong answer.

Why Choose a DJ

A DJ can offer you an almost endless choice of music. You will hear the exact version of each song that you are used to hearing, so your guests will be more familiar with the music. If necessary, you will be able to quickly switch from one song to another with little hassle. You won’t have any stop in the music when the DJ takes a break. You will have an experienced emcee who can also make announcements as needed.


Why Choose a Band

A live band will instantly give your wedding a special atmosphere. Your band will have a playlist that you set with them ahead of time, and they will often be able to learn any special songs you want to hear. A band can also more perfectly fit a themed wedding, whether it’s jazz age glam or folksy vintage. A band will also offer a more exciting experience for your guests, who will be able to watch the live performance. They will also be able to interact with the guests as part of their set.

Why Choose Other Entertainment

While music is the obvious choice, and one that no wedding is complete without, you don’t need to limit yourself to just music. For a full-day wedding, you could also consider other types of entertainers. A sleight of hand magician is a fun addition to a cocktail hour, while an artist can capture their likeness throughout the evening.

Whatever entertainment you choose for your wedding, you need a fantastic wedding venue. If you’re looking for the perfect Northern Virginia wedding venue, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Artisphere


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