Honoring Your Mom at Your Wedding

Mother’s Day is this week, and it’s the perfect time to think about how you can honor your mom at your wedding. Without her, you wouldn’t be celebrating, so here are some creative ways to say thanks.

Special dance

The mother-son dance is a great way for the groom and his mom to spend a moment together in the spotlight. The mother of the bride could also be invited to dance with her new son in law, or with her daughter.



A toast to both mothers is an excellent way to say thank you, quite literally. The groom can include this in his toast, or both bride and groom can say a few words in honor of their mothers. Having all your guests raise a glass in her honor is something she’ll truly appreciate.


You can include your mom in the wedding through tradition. This could be anything from wearing her wedding dress to including photos of your parents’ wedding in your decor. Seeing your wedding as a joining of families will make it easy to incorporate family traditions, and your mom’s role in them, in your wedding day.


Your mom can also be a part of your wedding planning. Knowing she has helped you put together such a fantastic wedding will be a great reward for her. If you’re looking for the perfect Northern Virginia wedding venue, take your mom to visit us here at the Black Horse Inn!


Photo: Flickr/Corey Balazowic


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