Wedding Flowers, Bouquets & Centerpieces

Your wedding’s flowers are a way to bring uniformity to the different parts of your wedding day. By including the same types of flowers in various arrangements, you will tie everything together in a subtle and beautiful way.


Choose a Starting Point

Whether it’s a particular favorite flower, a type of bouquet, or a style of centerpiece, having a starting point for your wedding florals will help you and your florist put together an overall plan for your wedding flowers. This will also help narrow down things down and determine the style you want for all of your flowers.

Choose a Highlight Flower

Rather than carrying the exact same set of blooms across to all your arrangements, consider having one flower you highlight across everything. This can also be a way of saving money, as you can keep more expensive flowers limited to just your bridal bouquet.

Choose a Color

Another way to tie all your flowers together is to choose a particular color of flower. Instead of having all the same flowers, use the same color for your arrangements, but allow for different flowers for bouquet, ceremony, and reception.

Choose to Suit Your Venue

Your floral arrangements can also be designed to suit your venue. Finding the perfect venue can be seen as the first step to having the perfect flowers, as you can base your bouquet on flowers that are found around the grounds. If you’re looking for a beautiful Northern Virginia wedding venue, come see what the Black Horse Inn can offer!


Photo: Flickr / Rachel Wilder


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