Inexpensive Flowers for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding flowers take a huge chunk out of the wedding budget but you can change that. The challenge lies in finding ways to save on wedding flowers not just for the ceremony but also the reception. Although you have to work with limited financial resources, it is a chance to get creative and even have a charming wedding setting. Here are cheap flowers you can consider so that can save you extra.



Although carnations may not be enough to line the aisle or stand as a centerpiece, it can still be the main flowers of the bouquet. White carnations look sophisticated but are less costly. If you have a vintage wedding theme, choosing carnations along with other inexpensive flowers is the perfect choice.

Hyacinth Bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs placed in a clear glass centerpiece can save you tons. Bulbs are less pricey than cut flowers but can still serve as the main highlight of a table for guests. You can choose other decorative plants as well such as fruit, bouquet fillers, or both.

Plumes, Catmint, and Caspia

Use flowers with long stems and then place them in tall clear glasses for centerpieces. You can also experiment by using other glass sizes. The glass jars and the flowers are cheap overall if you buy in bulk and if you know some handy skills in negotiating with wedding vendors.

In-season flowers 

The budget will remain intact if you choose in-season flowers. Better yet, choose perennial flowers that are not difficult to obtain. Think peonies, lilies, and even sunflowers that are perfect for a rustic themed wedding. If you also follow this tip in planning the reception menu, you can save more.

If you’re on a budget for your wedding decorations, you can make the most out of it with the flowers mentioned. You can give us a call today so we can tour you around our venue. This way, you can be inspired by the location where you can hold your wedding!


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