Picking the Right Flowers for a Summer Wedding

With summer fast approaching, it is important that you have an idea on how to prepare for a summer themed wedding. Especially when it comes to your flowers, you need to know how to pick out the best flowers for a summer wedding. Not only do you want them to stand out, you also want to ensure that these flowers stay fresh throughout the day. Here are some tips on picking flowers for a summer wedding:


Choosing a Variety

When you’re looking for flowers for your wedding, go for the ones that have a tendency to stay fresh throughout the day. Opt for flowers with a waxy texture on them so that you can ensure they keep their bloom throughout the day. Flowers like orchids, birds of paradise, ginger halcyons, tiger lilies, roses, and Hawaiian blooms are great options. You can also speak with your florist to check which variety will be perfect for your venue.

Choosing the Color

Unless you have already picked out a theme for your summer wedding, make it a point to use flowers with bright and bold colors. Go for the ones that are in full bloom and you will be pleased you chose these types of flowers as they will look their best during a summer day. Especially if you have decided to go with an outdoor wedding, flowers that have deep shades like deep purple lilies or dark red roses will yield a beautiful effect in your venue.

Even though you go for flowers that maintain their bloom throughout the day, you have to ensure that you keep them out of the sun for too long. You can have a refrigerator on-site so you can store your flowers before the ceremony starts. This way, you can preserve the flowers much longer.

For the perfect outdoor summer wedding, make sure to give us a call! We’d love to give you a tour of our venue. You’ll love it and it’ll be the perfect venue for your special day!


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