Two Weeks Before Your Wedding: What You Need to Do

Despite how hectic planning a wedding can be, time can fly by so fast when it’s just a few weeks before the big day. You’ll be surprised to know that while you’re still busy making last minute plans, you’re already on the last two weeks before your wedding. With such little time to spare, how do you manage fulfilling your wedding plans and not turn yourself into a bridezilla?


Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of the last two weeks before you say goodbye to your single status:

Get Updated on the Weather

Regardless of where you plan to have your wedding, it is important to get updates on how good the weather will be on your big day. By keeping a close eye on the weather, you won’t be surprised with an unexpected rain shower on your wedding. At the same time, you can inform your guests of any preparations they need to make in the event of bad weather.

Get Help from Your Friends and Family

With such limited time left, it is best that you spent this time relaxing instead of rushing around to make necessary plans. Don’t be afraid to delegate small responsibilities and tasks to your close family and members of your bridal entourage. They will be more than eager to help you so that you don’t end up turning into a frantic bride!

Fit Your Dress One Last Time

A few days before your wedding, make sure you try on your wedding dress. This is so you can check if there are any minor alterations or loose threads that need to be repaired.

Remember that you shouldn’t expect your wedding day to go perfectly. You have to be loose and not have too much expectations. Just enjoy the moment and cherish it. Your wedding will only happen once. Make each moment count. Give us a call today to get a tour of our wedding venue. You’ll love it and it’ll be the perfect venue for your special day!


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