Real Weddings: Ditko and Itin

ditko and itin
On January 25th, 2014, Black Horse Inn had the pleasure of hosting the marriage of Karen and Nick Itin. Black Horse Inn’s amazing photo-ready locations provided picturesque shots to capture their wedding day. We had the honor of hosting the guests for the couple’s wedding in our inn. Another special guests that we had was Karen’s horse, Roo, who joined in on the festivities and photo op’s!
Please look at some of the beautiful pictures taken by Kathleen Hertel Photography.
We arranged for the whole property to be dedicated to the couple for the entire weekend so they could enjoy every moment surrounding their special day. Our staff made sure that everything ran flawlessly and stress free. The bride looked stunning standing next to her new husband in her gown and he in his Airforce dress mess uniform.
Call us today for information on how to have your wedding reception at Black Horse Inn. We’ll be happy to give you a tour too!
Please view the Ditko and Itin Wedding

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