Common Mistakes with Wedding Flowers

There is no denying about the fact that wedding planning can get overwhelming. This is why there are plenty of brides who choose to hire a planner to help them organize everything they need to be taken care of. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire a planner for their wedding. And in such cases, these brides simply have to be careful with what they’re planning for their big day.


Take for example in the case of wedding flowers. It can be very easy for brides to go wrong when picking out flowers they will be using for the wedding. And in some cases, there are other more extreme issues. If you are a bride, you will need to be aware of what these top mistakes so you know how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Miscommunication

One of the biggest reasons for problems in meeting expectations is a lack of communication between the bride and her florist. When you speak with a florist, you have to ensure that you two are on the same page as to what type of flowers and arrangement you want for your big day. This way, you get what you specifically asked for.

Mistake #2: Not Weighing Your Options

When you’re looking for flowers to use for your wedding, it is pretty common that you will want to pick out something that does not go over your budget. While Peonies and Hydrangeas are among the costly options, you should consider the effect they produce. In some cases, a single stem of either of these flowers can already produce an impact to your wedding venue comparable to that of a bouquet of roses. But if you will be buying a bouquet, that could be more expensive than these two flowers.

Mistake #3: Not Sticking to the Budget

When it comes to flowers, it can be easy to go over your budget. This is because there are so many different ways your florist can make your venue look good with the help of flowers. If you’re not careful, you might go over your floral budget. Make sure you stick to your budget so you don’t have any problem.

One of the best ways you can avoid making these common mistakes is to speak to an expert. Before making a decision about your bridal flowers, see to it that you have already checked out your options. You can also inspect the venue and make your decision based on it. Give us a call today so we can show you our venue for weddings.


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