Wedding Traditions You Can Change Today

When it comes to planning your big day, you always have a choice with everything. You can either go traditional or follow new trends that you are interested in for your wedding day. At the same time, you can forego tradition and go for something that makes you happier for your wedding day.

his-and-hers-wedding-vows-books-original-1 Even though tradition is a key theme in weddings, there are plenty of couples that have opted for an upgrade. If you are interested in changing tradition, you will be pleased to know that you can certainly do so in more ways than one. Here are a few wedding traditions that you can change:

A White Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress does not necessarily have to be white anymore. As a matter of fact, you can go for any color that you want to wear on your big day. Even if you stick to a white color, you can opt for adding a bit of color to your ensemble with a piece of jewelry or the color of shoes you wear. The choice is really yours and no one will judge you for picking a different color on your dress.

Your Altar Should Be Plain

One of the best ways you can make your wedding ceremony look nice is to decorate your altar. Since your guests will be staring at it for a few hours, you can make it a pretty sight for them. Your options for decorating your altar are unlimited. You can go for any material you want: flowers, surfboards, books, anything that best fits your interests.

Wedding Vows are Traditional

While you can certainly go for traditional wedding vows, you can make things unique by writing your own vows. This is a great way you can make your wedding more personal, as you will be hearing your spouse make his wedding vow to you.

Wedding Ceremonies Occur in a Church

The biggest wedding tradition that you can change today is your wedding ceremony venue. Instead of the usual church wedding, you can opt for a location that you have always preferred—whether it’s a park, beach, backyard, or even outside a McDonald’s store. As long as you have an officiant, you won’t have any problem getting married.

While it can be interesting to get married outside a McDonald’s store, we recommend that you check out Black Horse Inn first. This way, you can see our location and decide whether or not it will be perfect for your wedding ceremony. Call us today to schedule a visit!


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