What You May Not Know About Weddings

Unless you’ve been married several times, no one’s really a pro at these things. There are a number of things that newlywed couples do not know about their wedding, particularly on what comes next. This is where the help of an experienced wedding planner comes into the picture. Because of their exposure to such events, they are already aware of what to do next.

Here are some common issues that newlywed couples do not know about:

How to Properly Kiss During the Ceremony

With the number of onlookers consisting of your friends, family members, parents, and even a priest, how do you properly kiss during the ceremony? It may seem embarrassing but you have to accept the fact that these people will witness your first kiss as a married couple. It does not need to be perfect or too conservative. Just make sure that there won’t be any visible tongues and it won’t last over 10 seconds. Oh, and you can skip the dip.

When to Remove Veil

Wedding veils are part of the whole wedding dress ensemble. But if you take a look at typical wedding photos, you’ll notice that there is an instance wherein the bride is no longer using the veil. The question now is: when do you remove the veil? Even though no one will question you for deciding to wear the veil throughout the entire reception, you can choose to remove it too. You may remove your veil after the ceremony; especially if you are changing into a second dress for the reception. Or you can also have it removed after your first dance with your husband.

Proper Way to Do the Cake Cutting

Usually, the cake cutting happens after dinner. Traditionally, the cake cutting happens with the groom’s hands placed over his bride’s while she is cutting into the cake’s bottom layer. The groom performs the second cut on his own, before he slices a piece and feeds it to his bride. After that, the bride does the same.

If you’re still looking for a venue for your big day, you may give us a call today so we can help you plan your big day!


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