Ideas for a Non-Traditional Bridal March


If there’s one part of a wedding that everyone looks forward to, it would definitely be the wedding march. This is because this is the first time that the bride enters the location and everyone is able to get a glimpse of her, including the groom. Commonly, the bride enters after her entourage is already finished walking down the aisle. Her groom patiently awaits for her at the end of the aisle as she makes her way.

But if you’re tired of the conventional bridal march, you may opt to enter the ceremony in other ways. Here are some ideas that you may want to use:

1.    Ride a Horse Another option that you may use is to ride a horse and get to your groom slowly. This is an incredible way you can make your wedding memorable and make you feel magical.

2.    Ride a Motorcycle – Particularly if you are fond of motorcycles, you may ride a large bike. This is only applicable in an outdoor wedding.

3.    Ride a BoatIf you are having a wedding in a location where there’s a nearby pond or lake, you can enter the venue in a boat. Someone will be assisting you as you arrive by rowing the boat carefully. When you arrive, everyone will be pleased to see that you took an effort to arrive in style.

As a bride, you need to make sure that this moment is very memorable. Since this is a moment that may only happen once in your entire, you have to take it slow and enjoy every step of the way. Everyone’s eyes will be on you as you are the highlight of the entire show.

You may consider using our venue for your big day. We may arrange for a horse to carry you to the aisle as well. Give us a call today and we’ll make your dream wedding happen!


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