Your Wedding, Enjoy It All Weekend

Destination weddings have really grown in popularity over the last few years and for obvious reasons.  There are so many advantages of having something as important as your wedding at an all-inclusive facility like Black Horse Inn. A major factor to consider is the advantage of TIME.  What do we mean?

For many, everyday life is fast paced and extended families can live literally all over the country.  A wedding is an important event that ofter brings far flung relatives together for a happy event.  Its a great venue not only for the bride and groom but for getting extended family some  time together to re-connect.  When many people are putting forth effort and expense to come together for this happy occasion why waste the opportunity to enjoy more than just a few hours together?   How convenient to  invite your friends and family to enjoy a mini vacation together.  Each of them can be comfortably accommodated with the many guest options we offer while the kinship and together time can last all weekend.

The Black Horse Inn offers a distinct advantage over many other places you might choose because when you contract for one  of our wedding packages the entire grounds can be for just you and your guests.  In the time preceding and after the actual ceremony guests can have plenty of options for entertainment within our gorgeous 20 acre grounds.  By inviting all to come together for a weekend, the opportunities for relaxing, visiting and enjoying meals together can add so much more to your wedding occasion than is possible during a more traditional afternoon ceremony.


We think after you see our historic Inn and beautiful grounds you will agree its the perfect place to invite your guests to be comfortable and celebrate your marriage in a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere.  Our staff can help see to the comfort of everyone while you enjoy your wedding.  We think everyone who stays here will leave refreshed, re-connected and enjoy the memories of your wedding for years to come.


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