Should You Change Into a Reception Dress?

A few years ago, it was a big trend for a bride to change into a different dress for the reception. Today, though, most brides choose to stay in the same gown for the full ceremony and reception.

There are some benefits to changing into a second dress. It can allow you to wear something less formal and better for the party mood of your reception. It can also help protect against any damage to your ceremony gown.


However, when you’ve chosen the perfect wedding gown, you should let it shine. You’ll want to wear your gown for the important moments of your reception, such as the first dance and cake cutting.

As Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress recently pointed out, changing into another dress also takes you away from your guests. The time it takes to change your dress, fix your makeup, and come back to the reception can mean an average of an hour that you didn’t get to spend with your loved ones.

When you have your wedding and reception at one great venue, there’s no travel involved, so you might be able to do a quicker change. Whether you want to wear one dress or multiple dresses for your wedding day, having an excellent Virginia wedding venue is a must. To find out about using the Black Horse Inn for your wedding, get in touch today!


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