Finding the Right Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are a big part of any wedding. From the bride’s bouquet to the venue decoration, the right flowers can create the perfect ambiance for your wedding day. One of the best ways to plan your flowers is to consider your venue, theme, and personal taste.


  • Personal taste: Think about your favorite flowers, and any that might hold special significance for you. When you have an emotional attachment to a flower, or type of flower, it is always a perfect addition to your wedding.
  • Theme: A loosely tied bouquet of wildflowers is perfect for a rustic wedding, while a tight nosegay is right for a formal wedding, and an arm sheaf bouquet can be the right choice for a vintage style. Think about the style of wedding you’re planning, and take inspiration from that.
  • Venue: Consider the natural setting of your venue, and allow that to influence your flower choices. If there are flowers around your venue, include these in your bouquet and décor to better tie your wedding to its location.

If you’re still looking for a wonderful venue in a beautiful natural setting that can really inspire your wedding flowers, get in touch with us to learn more about planning a Black Horse Inn wedding!


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