Smartphones at Your Wedding: Are You Prepared?

Whether you’re an iPhone fan or an Android aficionado, you know that smartphones are a big part of modern life. When it comes to planning your wedding, they can be a big help, but can also open up a lot of etiquette questions. Letting your guests know what you prefer ahead of time can prevent hurt feelings and awkward situations on your big day.


  • Tech yes: If you’re happy to allow your guests snap away on their phones, consider giving them a hashtag to use on their uploads. This allows you to find everything, and can make it a more social part of your wedding day.
  • Tech no: If you don’t want your guests to share their photos, just tell them. Include a note in your invitation, program, or both to explain why you would rather keep your wedding private.
  • Tech yes or no: Whatever your preference, it doesn’t hurt to remind your guests of some basic etiquette. Remind them to turn off their phones during important parts of the wedding, such as the ceremony, toasts, and first dance. Also remind them to be courteous to other guests, especially if they’re holding up a phone or camera and might be blocking somebody else’s view.

Whatever you choose, telling your guests in advance can help them prepare and know whether to leave their phone at home. To find out more about planning a wedding, or to see what we can offer for your Northern Virginia wedding, give us a call today!


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