Walk Down Memory Lane

A few years ago, we were happy to be a part of an amazing event. An afternoon of polo and tango took place here in Virginia in October 2000 to benefit the Robert Duvall Children’s Fund.

Robert Duvall Children's Fund_0001_Page_01

The event raised money for children in Argentina, so it was only fitting that three of the country’s passions – polo, wine, and tango – would be the activities for the day. A 12-goal polo match was followed by a wine tasting, and the day concluded with a tango performance.

Robert Duvall Children's Fund_0001_Page_03

Guests were seduced by the passion of the Argentinian dance, and star struck by the big names in attendance. Of course, film star Robert Duvall was there, as was his gorgeous Argentine companion, Luciana Pedraza. They were joined by the Argentine Ambassador, a number of the polo world’s best players, several top tangueros, and many other VIPs.

Robert Duvall Children's Fund_0001_Page_05

Events like this don’t come along often, and are worth remembering. The fantastic event, which also included a silent auction with a Black Horse Inn donation, was able to raise $20,000 for an excellent cause. It also showed off the beauty of one of our favorite sports and one of the world’s most seductive dances.

Robert Duvall Children's Fund_0001_Page_10

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your big event, the Black Horse Inn has everything you could want. To find out more about holding events and weddings here, get in touch today!


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