That’s Our Venue! Tips for Attending a Wedding at Your Venue

Wedding season is underway, and that means that many of us are getting invited to multiple weddings. If you’re planning your own wedding, too, you might be looking at other weddings for inspiration. If you’ve been invited to a wedding at your chosen venue, here are some tips for making the most of the event.


Try not to compare too much. It’s so easy to walk through a friend’s wedding looking at what they’ve done differently, or how their wedding compares to what you have planned. When you do this, though, you’ll miss all the great moments of the wedding.

What you should do is enjoy the opportunity to experience the venue as a guest. Was it easy to find? Did you know where to go when you arrived? Did particular parts of the venue really take your breath away? Pay attention to what stands out for you and the other guests, and use this as inspiration.

When you’ve found an excellent wedding venue like the Black Horse Inn, it’s no surprise it’ll be popular. If you’ve been invited to a wedding here, you might also find that you’re inspired to have your big day here. To find out more about booking the Black Horse Inn for your wedding, give us a call!


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