1950s Glamour Perfect for Weddings

This week, Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding dress is going up for auction in London. The iconic gown is expected to bring in more than $47,000 and is a real slice of old Hollywood glamour. It is also a great inspiration for today’s couples.

Taylor And Hilton

Of course, Taylor’s first wedding didn’t last very long — she and Nicky Hilton were divorced within a year — but the wedding itself was full of great Hollywood glamour. The couple’s wedding was filled with celebrities, and had everything the era could offer.

If you’re planning your own 50s glamour wedding, you’ll want to think about that old Hollywood style. The era’s weddings were defined by feminine touches with plenty of jewels, lace, and satin.

For your entertainment, consider using a live band or sticking to recordings from the era. This can be crooners and big bands, early rock and roll, jazz, or a bit of everything.

You’ll also need a great venue for your 50s style wedding. If you’re looking for the perfect Virginia wedding venue, get in touch with us today!



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