Is Traditional This Year’s Big Wedding Trend?

Vintage weddings might still be popular, it’s looking like this year’s big style trend might be a return to tradition. More and more couples are stepping away from DIY and rustic styles and going back to the classics.

If you’re planning a wedding, this can be a bit of a relief. Many couples find that the most stressful part of wedding planning is trying to keep up with all the style ideas and trends they see on sites like Pinterest.


A return to traditional styles is being seen at celebrity weddings this year, too. Most celebrity brides this year seem to be going for traditional white gowns, with Kristin Cavallari marrying Jay Cutler in a classic style last week.

Another part of the traditional trend is a return to choosing a great venue that fits all the great elements of a traditional wedding day. This is why a historic house like the Black Horse Inn is such a great choice for your Virginia wedding day. To find out more about our venue, and how you can book it for your wedding, get in touch today!


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