Would You Want Your Wedding to Go Viral?

Every couple wants their wedding day to be special, but how many really want it to go viral? This week, a photo from a couple’s Louisiana wedding was the latest to hit it big on the internet.


The photo, which was created in Photoshop by photographer Quinn Miller, shows the bridal party running away from a T-Rex. He told the Huffington Post that the shot was done in one take, and that he’d given everyone the instructions to really run as if they were scared for their lives.

While it has created a great shot for the couple’s wedding album, it has also given them a big surprise for when they come back from their phone and internet-free honeymoon!

For any wedding idea that goes viral, it is a combination of uniqueness, quality, and timing. In most cases, if you try to make your wedding go viral, it won’t.

What do you think of viral wedding photos? Would you welcome the internet fame, or would you rather keep your big day private? Either way, you’ll want a perfect venue. To find out more about what we offer here at the Black Horse Inn, get in touch today!


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