Ways To Create Your Wedding Table Plan

It can be like a military planning exercise – you and your fiancé hunched over a table, shifting little flags around a map, deciding who will sit where at your reception. Creating your seating plan can be much easier if you decide on a organizing principle at the start.


  • Matched tables can ensure that your guests are seated with people they know. This would mean putting all of your co-workers at one table, your college friends at another, and so on.
  • Mixed tables are great for encouraging mingling. For this type of seating, you’ll need to consider personality types and interests to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Family tables can be an easy way of seating your guests if most of your guests are coming as family groups.
  • A kids’ table can be great if there are enough children of roughly the same age. However, small children should be seated with their parents, and older children might resent being with little kids.

However you decide to seat your guests, working with an experienced venue like the Black Horse Inn can make organizing your reception much easier. Find out more of what we offer by giving us a call!


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