Its nearly summertime – are you planning a Summer wedding?

Summertime its everyone’s favourite time of the year. The time when the sun shines the brightest, when the wind is warm and people are generally at their smiliest. What a great time to plan a wedding. What can you do to better prepare for a summer wedding?


Here are three tips to help improve a Summer Wedding

  • Why not offer complimentary items – like fans, umberellas or sunglasses – which will help improve your friends and families experiences of the day.
  • Have you thought about making the dinner/drinks lighter in lieu of the weather? Why not plan for summer dishes – mouses, light main courses and light deserts which will better help you and your guests enjoyment of the day.
  • Air conditioning – sound obvious but nearly 22% of people planning a Summer wedding fail to take into account the importance of a good air conditioning system in the site’s venue.

So, if you take these three tips into consideration you too can plan the perfect summer wedding.


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