Spring 2013 Wedding Trends

Spring is here, and so are the new season of wedding trends. Spring 2013 is shaping up to be a season of classic styles, creative color choices, and animal touches.

Spring Wedding Trends

  • Spring 2013 is going to be a season of grown-up romance. This simplified twist on the vintage styles that have been the top trend of the past year is a great choice for couples who want a relaxed feel without losing a sense of class.
  • The top color trends for the season are going to be twists on pastels. Rather than opting for the usual soft tones, brides are combining bright colors like yellow, green, and pink with muted shades like grey. Another popular choice is to go for an ombre palette, with the gradient look that can range from pale to jewel-toned.
  • Another great choice for spring wedding is the addition of bird-themed touches. These are perfect spring touches, with everything from bird cages to silhouette styles taking a big part in decor.

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